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HVAC Software to Improve Your Business: Start to Get Organized

If you are tired of your employees losing receipts, estimates and inspection reports when they are on the job, it’s time to update the way your business manages paperwork. Electronic HVAC forms and systems for employees will help make processing and ordering much faster and easier, and you don’t have to worry about who is getting billed and what customers have been forgotten. Here are just some of the ways your business will benefit when going paperless, and using a central online system for all previous paperwork needs.
Keep Tabs on Invoices and Orders
Your employees will fill out all forms and reports through their mobile device, tablet or laptop, and then they are submitted into your company database. You can easily look through every order, look up a receipt quickly, find out what parts need to be ordered, and you can find out what employees are billing the most clients. This takes the confusion out of messy handwriting on receipts or invoices, it reduces errors, and your office doesn’t have scattered papers everywhere.
Offer Online Payments
Not only do you want to get HVAC software so your employees can enter all information online, but set it up so your clients can make online payments. If they can get online and pay for their services on your website, it’s easier for you and them. Look into getting applications for your employees that allows them to accept payments on their mobile devices as well, so they can get payment fast and easy.
Get Reports for Earnings and Taxes
When all billing information is in one online place, it’s easy to gather end of the year financial information for taxes, and to figure out your employees earnings each week. The online forms and system will make it easier to figure out payroll, and to get your information to your tax professional when you need end of the year reports.
You can decide if you want to have everyone submit their electronic forms with their smart phones, with tablets they carry around in their work trucks, or if each of your employees should have a laptop that they carry around. Some of your employees may find it easier to use a smart phone or tablet, instead of carrying around a computer when they are traveling and in other people’s houses. If your HVAC business hasn’t switched to an online billing and reporting system, it’s time to look into your options. Visit ProntoForms if you would like to learn more.

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