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Document Destruction through Safe and Secure Shredding in Canada

Confidential information from any company or organizations needs handling with extra care. Some of the information that requires caution may include financial records, names, and addresses, as well as social security and account numbers. The information is quite sensitive and delicate; meaning that it would put the company or the clients at risk if it fell on the wrong. A company may consider hiring a reputable firm in Canada that would provide secure document shredding services for the papers and the destruction of electronic data stored on the hard drives.

Document Destruction Methods

There are various document destruction methods provided by different companies as outlined below:

• Pulping- this is one of the secure and environmentally friendly ways of destroying documents. It involves converting the paper used into its constituents.

• Burning- this is one of the methods employed in destroying both the paper and the electronic data. The method is not environmentally friendly and should be the last option of document destruction. Consider burning the documents at the company’s premises to ensure a complete destruction of the stacked papers that may not burn completely.

• Sanitization- this method of the document destruction used in the digital record. It involves erasing and overwriting of information stored on the digital gadget. However, sanitization does not delete all the digital media and this call for other mechanical methods.

• Shredding- this is one of the most common and best methods of destroying documents. Crosscutting shredding reduces the papers into confetti-sized pieces. Secure document shredding allows for reuse of the paper after it has undergone the pulping and the recycling process.

Types of Secure Document Shredding

Document shredding services involve either onsite or offsite shredding. In onsite shredding, the shredding company brings the shredding vans to the premises and carry out their work from there. The shredding company invites their clients to watch the process of shredding the paper. Additionally, they award a certificate of destruction to the company before leaving. Offsite shredding, on the other hand, involves the collection of the documents and transportation to the shredding company for destruction. However, the offsite shredding has many risks involved since the many people participate in handling the documents. Therefore, it is advisable to use the onsite shredding service for safe and secure document shredding.

The Canada has developed rules and regulations directing how to handle confidential document from any company. The shredding company should never reread or recreate any information given to them for destruction. The shredding company should also not allow any unauthorized person to get into contact with the documents. The business owners should also delegate an officer who oversees the destruction process to the end. It is important to document the process and the dates of destruction for future references. You may find it useful to consult with Shred-it for additional information.

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